MIGUEL CANDILERI / constructor


Rosario, June 4, 1947 / November 28, 2005
Architect - Self-taught artist.


2005 Arteipunto GALLERY, Palermo Viejo, Bs.As. One man show, objects.


2004  Arteipunto GALLERY, Palermo Viejo, Bs.As. Group show, reliefs and collages.

 CAMP - Multicultural Center, Rosario: one man show, reliefs, sculptures and collages.

 Modern Art Museum, Rosario: exterior painting. Competition.

 Magdalena Baxeras Gallery, Barcelona, Spain: one man show: reliefs


2003  Arteipunto GALLERY, Palermo Viejo, Bs.As. One man show: reliefs and collages.

 American Prints -Spain : Nadal Fair, Sevilla, Spain: paintings and collages.

 Sculpture Competition " Monumentango", Buenos Aires: two projects.


2002 Fundación Niebla, Casavells, Girona, Spain: one man show: reliefs, paintings and collages.

 American Prints -Spain: Nadal Fair, Bilbao, Spain: paintings and collages.


2001 Southern Abstract Art Museum ( MAAS , Museo de Arte Abstracto del Sur ),Bs.As.:  

 group show, little paintings.

 MAAS: one man show: reliefs and sculptures.

 Morandi Art Gallery, Girona, Spain: collages and drawings.


2000 MAAS: group show patrimony.


1999 Maison de l' Amerique Latin, Bruselas, Belgium: reliefs and collages.


1998 ArteXArte Gallery, Bs. As.: group show, objects


1997 La porte ouverte Gallery, Alianza Francesa de Bs.As.:group show : paintings.

 ATC - Argentina Televisora Color Gallery, Bs.As. Curator P.Borthwick, one man show :

paintings, sculptures and reliefs..


1996  ArteBA / 96, Gallery Fair, Ana Torre Foundation: objects.

 Cº Cultural Recoleta: group show, objects Curator: P.Borthwick.


1995  B.A. Modern Art Museum  (Museo de Arte Moderno de Bs.As.) one man show: reliefs and objects.

 Curator: Mr..Raúl Santana, Director of the Museum.

 Architecture Biennal, Bs.As.: group show, drawings.

 Arcimboldo Gallery, Bs.As.: Art to wear. Group show of design.

 Art by Architects, Palermo University, Bs.As.: group show: reliefs.


1994 Juán Doffo Studio, Bs.As.: attended conferences with artists.

 CAYC - Galería del Este, Bs.As.: murals projects. Selected.


1993 Architecture  Biennal: group show of drawings.

other activities:

Southern Abstract Art Museum (MAAS , Museo de Arte Abstracto del Sur), Bs.As:

Secretary General, 1997 / 2000.

FM Libertador- 97.3, Bs.As.: interview with Estela Sidi, artist reporter and painter.

Modern Art Museum, Bs. As.: colloquy with architects / artists. Moderator.

Universidad de Morón,  Bs.As. / Colloquy about Art and communication. Moderator.

His work is in private collections in Spain, Germany, U.S.A. and Argentine, Modern Art Museum,

Buenos Aires City and Southern Abstract Art Muse